36m² - PE00-19010

Product Description

Air purifier with reuseable filter

Product Details

1.Quickly and quietly remove pollen, smoke, pet dander and dust from rooms up to 62 ㎡ in 30 minutes base on AHAM test standard.
2.Includes five cleaning speeds, a Whisper Quiet mode for bedrooms and a timer that cleans air in cycles ranging from two to 12 hours
3.Uses a reusable, stainless steel air filter you can easily clean in a dishwasher or under a faucet
4.A convenient indicator lets you know when the filter needs cleaning
5.Energy Star® compliant and uses less than 10 watts of power on whisper speed
6.Has a sleek, space-saving design
7.Includes an Ion Boost feature that at the press of the button releases a stream of negative ions that can help to lighten your mood and provide mental clarity
8.Includes auto- and tip-over shut off

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