WR00-23357 Portable water filter jug

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Portable water filter jug

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1. This water purification pitcher is an elite choice, made of high-grade BPA-free plastic, safe and healthy materials. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle, which is very convenient to operate.

2. To protect the performance of the filter can, please avoid placing it in direct sunlight. This prolongs the life of the filter element and ensures water quality.

3. This water purification jug adopts professional three-stage water filtration technology, including pp cotton, front activated carbon and rear activated carbon. After laboratory tests, it can effectively reduce impurities such as arsenic, fluorine, and chlorine in water, and improve the taste of water. It should be noted that the main purpose of the filter element is not to reduce TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). If you wish to physically lower the TDS, it is best to choose an RO (reverse osmosis) system.

4. The volume design of this clean water jug is very space-saving. It can be placed in the refrigerator freezer or on the table without taking up too much space. At the same time, it is equipped with a portable handle, which is convenient to carry and use.

5. Each filter element can filter a total of 2500 liters of water, which greatly saves your cost. You no longer need to buy plastic bottled water, which not only saves you money, but also contributes to environmental protection.

6. The total capacity of this clean water jug is 3 liters, which is enough to meet the drinking water needs of you and your family. You can enjoy fresh filtered water anytime, providing a healthy drinking choice for you and your family.

In short, this elite water purification pitcher is made of high-grade plastic, and the materials are safe and healthy. It has an ergonomic handle for easy handling. Please avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Three-stage water filtration technology is adopted to effectively reduce impurities in the water and improve the taste. Small size, suitable for placing in the refrigerator or on the desktop, does not take up space. Each filter element can filter 2500 liters of water, saving costs and reducing the use of plastic bottles. The total capacity is 3 liters to meet the needs of you and your family. Choose this water purification jug, you will enjoy a convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly drinking water experience.

The meaning of water

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